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Revive The Regent Public Meeting Meeting Outcomes

Below are some minutes drawn up by President, Simone Sheridan, from the recent Public Meeting. Sincere apologies for any mistakes with names - please email for corrections to be made.

Revive The Regent Public Meeting Date: 15 February 2020 2pm until 4pm Location: The Stables, Market Street Mudgee


Mary Twidell ( in UK), Greg Smith, Gabrielle McGuire, John and Christine Bentley, Steve Auld

Karen Iles, Robbie Holdaway and Kim Hansen


Simone Sheridan, Veronica Burns, Chris Sheridan, Bob Lamond, Brian Hobson, Marie Hobson, Alan Kerr, John Roberts, John Wood, Helen Wood, Bill Dempsey, Janine Lillewhyte, Yvonne O’Brien, Sharyn Farthing, Carolyne Falson, Peter Falson, Heather Papollo, Sharelle Fellows, Nancy Chapman, Faith Hurl, Craig & Steffi Lyons, Sara Fergusson, Sharon Barlow, Charmaine Lynch, Kerry McAskill, Marion Coveter, Judith James, Bruce WIlson, Clarissa Mort, Louise and Michael Sweeny, Sandy & Mark Nyman, Dedeier Krohet and Louise Blunden.

  • Introductions - Majority of attendees introduce themselves and why they are passionate to save Regent Theatre

  • Background on Revive The Regent Theatre by Simone Sheridan

  • Roundtable discussion on the following:

  1. Mid-Western Regional Council extraordinary meeting

  2. State Heritage Register Listing

  3. Auction on 6 March

  4. MWRC ordinary meeting - Wed. 19 Feb. 2020 - Business Paper Agenda - Notice of Motion by Cr. Holden - Regent Theatre File: Regent Theatre (PDF 158Kb)

Questions raised

  • Can we bid at auction? Potentially, if we have committed funds. A representative from the group will be at the auction.

  • Can we establish a crowdsource campaign? Pledge campaign to be initiated

  • What are next steps i.e. trying to defer auction to gain more time, lobbying local and state government, trying to fundraise to be registered bidder etc?

  • Who are the Councillors who did not vote to purchase The Regent? Des Kennedy, Peter O’Neill, Alex Karavas and Peter Shelley. Paul Cavalier was absent from voting.

  • Have the Councillors been inside The Regent Theatre? Suggested that Councillors are provided with a tour and that community members encourage them to visit for inspection/tour.


  1. Pledge campaign to be started. John Wood has circulated a draft on 15 Feb 2020 and this is to be reviewed urgently by legal contact. Working group includes John Bentley, Peter Falson, Sara Fergussion, Judith James, Bruce Wilson and Simone Sheridan. Target: 600k Deadlines:

  • Finalise pledge outline and have reviewed by working group & legal

  • Launch pledge Completed 18 February 2020

  • Confirm if registering at auction by 5 March 2020

  • Deposit required (10% of sale price) by 17 April 2020

  1. Contact Russell Holden at Mid-Western Regional Council re: motion for 19 February Council meeting Completed on 16 Feb 2020

  2. Attend Council Meeting on 19 February 2019 at 5:30pm Mudgee Council Chambers Completed

  3. Everyone to communicate with Councillors regarding Regent Theatre

The pledge drive has launched and currently has 11 donors with $15,300.00 pledged. Complete the pledge form by clicking here.

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