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As the Revive The Regent group has grown from 400 to over 1200 members we have been learning about the history of the Regent Theatre from a range of people. Our group is a place to congregate and share passion for this iconic theatre.


The links you see below have been collected as way of showing the social and cultural importance of The Regent to it's not only local community in the Mid-West New South Wales but also in the context Australian history and architecture. Click the underlined headings below to find out more.

The, directors state that they hope to begin building operations in about a fortnight, that strong local support for the undertaking has already been obtained, and that it is expected the company will be fully subscribed this week.

Diggers' Ball on August 6th, and the Diggers' revue, 'Here We Are,' to be staged at the Regent Theatre, Mudgee, August 27th.

THE new Regent Theatre, Mudgee, which is one of the most up-to-date In the west, will be open in a blaze of glory on Wednesday evening next, and picture people are sure to be there in strong force. 

THE programme at the Regent Theatre next Saturday and Monday is devoted entirely to laughs, and will unquestionably be one of the funniest ever seen in Mudgee. 

Next Saturday and Monday the Regent Theatre will offer Mudgee picture-goers 'The 39 Steps,' a thrilling adventure romance starring Robert Donat (star of 'Count of Monte Cristo') and Madeleine Carroll. (more)

A REPRESENTATIVE gathering of over 50 people attended in the vestibule of the Regent Theatre Mudgee. on Tuesday evening September 17, at a meeting called to form an amateur dramatic society, to be known as 'The Mudgee Musical and Dramatic Society.'

BOXING was successfully revived in Mudgee at the Regent Theatre on Friday night, when the local boxing find, Bob

Tuite, 8.5, outpointed Sydneyslder Ralph Benny, 8.2, in a 10 rounds contest. Tulte has just returned from a season In Sydney, and showed his local supporters that he is a better boxer now than he ever was.

THE meeting of the Mudgee Musical and Dramatic Society, held on Tuesday evening last at the Regent Theatre, was attended by over 70 persons, all of whom are taking an active part in the society's first offering, which it was unanimously decided would be the 3-act musical comedy, 'Going up.'

ALL Is in readiness for the conference of the Mudgee-Coolah group , of the C.WA. in the Regent Theatre, Mudgee, to-morrow. A large army of delegates and visitors will invade our town for the important function, which will be opened at 10 ajn. by the State C.WA. secretary 

THE Regent Theatre, Mudgee, has been sold to Mr Ivan R. Adams who is also proprietor of the Criterion Theatre. 'Top Hat' will be screened at the Regent on Show nights next week.

THE Minister for Health, Mr. Hughes, spoke in the Regent Theatre, while Mr. Curtin was on a lorry about a quarter of a mile away.

WEDNESDAY njght, 19th October, in the Regent Theatre, Mudgee, the Commercial Travellers, assisted

by Sydney select artiste and local talent, In aid of Mudgee District Hospital. 

The new Westrex Sound and 'Projection Equipment now be ing installed in the Regent Theatre, Mudgee, is the latest equipment available from overseas and incorporates many radical design changes which have resulted in a major improvement in the reproduction of sound and projection of the picture onto the screen

It was a gala opening at the Regent Theatre, Mudgee, on Wednesday, October 20th, for the inauguration of the new Western Sound and Projection Equipment. Warner Bros, new release 'My Wild Irish Rose' was the main feature. During interval, a broadcast, arranged by Mr Bill Hohnes, of 2MG, was made in the lounge.

We are currently researching to continue to add to this section. If you have any information or memories please contact us.

Mudgee is a small town with wide streets, a church on nearly every corner and a grand old cinema-cum-theatre which was recently the venue for the premiere of the movie. Spider and Rose.

Directed by Bill Bennett,  The Nugget was shot in the area last year. In the scramble for tickets to the premiere, preference was given to those who appear on screen. That led to entertaining scenes on the red carpet as road trains and utes rolled past the blocked-off main street. Locals cheered their friends strolling into the cinema. 

As written to Letters To The Editor of The Mudgee Guardian, Tammy Robertson had her wedding reception inside The Regent Theatre in 2016.

Mudgee residents are being urged to support one of the town's historic theatres before it is sold.

The Regent Theatre has been closed for 18 months and is reopening tonight for a series of shows to garner more local interest and encourage its prospective owners to keep running it as a theatre.

Mid-Western Regional Council rejected the development application for Mudgee’s Regent Theatre to be partially demolished to make way for a 62-room hotel, function centre, and food and drink premises.

Minister for Heritage Gabrielle Upton, MP has resolved to make an IHO over the Regent Theatre Mudgee because it may, on further inquiry or investigation, be found to be of state heritage significance. It is intended that the IHO period of 12 months will allow the Heritage Council of NSW time to assess its heritage significance and determine whether listing on the State Heritage Register is warranted.

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