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As many of you may be aware The Regent Theatre auction on 6 March was cancelled at the eleventh hour and it has since been announced via media that the theatre is so longer for sale. This is certainly another interesting turn of events for Mudgee's iconic theatre and our organisation remains dedicated to advocating for this, now, NSW State Heritage Register.

Thank you to members who pledged to donate, if called upon, to assist in funding the potential purchase of The Regent Theatre. thirty two people pledged to donate over $20,000! Given the short notice to obtain financial support, aligned with an unknown target amount, this is an outstanding achievement. The pledges, of course, will not be called upon as the auction did not proceed and it is our belief that the building is no longer for sale publicly.

With COVID-19 impacting our ability to hold events or meetings, we shall be postponing proposed future events until further notice.

Our committee has had a number of changes and I'd like to thank the founding members who helped establish our incorporated association in April 2019. As a newly found organisation we can hold our Annual General Meeting within eighteen months from our founding date so we will be rescheduling for a date before October 2020. We trust that members will understand that since March we have had considerable impacts which impede our ability to host an AGM.

Please stay safe during this extraordinary time.

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