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Mid-Western Regional Council Rejects DA

In July our hopes were raised with the Mid-Western Regional Council rejecting the development application which would see Mudgee's Regent Theatre auditorium demolished.

On 23 July MWRC sent Mod Urban Pty. Ltd. the Notice of Determination re DA 0081/2018 Refusing of Consent. The reason for refusing consent are as follows:

  1. Owner's consent has not been provided by a legally authorised representative of the Anglican Property Trust Diocese of Bathurst for the St John's Anglican church site on which part of the development is to occur;

  2. Insufficient parking provided to cater for the expected demand of the hotel and its guests;

  3. Negative impacts on locally listed heritage item and heritage conservation area;

  4. Adverse visual impacts due to bulk and scale of the development;

  5. Adverse amenity impacts for neighbouring residents due to noise of car parking and rooftop bar; and

  6. Proposed height is inconsistent with height limits in the Mid-Western LEP

Read the local news article here.

The developer has since lodged an appeal with the L & E Court by the developer of DA0081/2018 in response to Council’s Refusal.

We have decided to change our Facebook group to SAVE The Regent Theatre Mudgee NSW.

Please join our Facebook group here and continue to lobby with us to save The Regent Theatre.

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