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Protect Mudgee's Country Town Atmosphere

As we have been running the Revive The Regent campaign we have been granted the opportunity to hear feedback from the Mudgee community and it is clear that the proposed development application (DA) is not at all inline with the town's reputation for heritage, conversation and community values.

Mudgee is not a high rise building town and it does not need 5 story plus building in the CBD (especially NOT in the heritage conversation zone).

We are a small town that excels on small community and that country atmosphere. Mid-Western Regional Council should respect the towns appreciation for small town community life still.

The owners of Seaview Links Pty Ltd live in Sydney (who own the building and have lodged the DA) and this is obvious when you consider their proposed plan which looks like something that would fit perfectly in a metropolitan are but certainly not in Mudgee's marked heritage zone.

It's crucial that Mudgee celebrates the unique assets which cannot be replicated, which is exactly what our Regent Theatre is. The theatre provides Mudgee with an opportunity to be a cultural destination by preserving the Art Deco theatre that was designed by George Newtown Kenworthy.

  • Would you like to see the DA files again?

  • Do you know someone who would make a strong objection case?

Contact us for more information.

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