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National Trust Strongly Objects to Mudgee Regent Theatre Re-development Proposal

Image by Ian Clyde Griggs take in May 1975

The National Trust of Australia (NSW) has lodged a strong objection to the proposed Development Application of The Regent Theatre and have shared their letter of objection with Revive The Regent.

The recent discovery regarding the architect of Mudgee Regent Theatre recently made by Mr John Broadley is outlined and further supported by The Trust.

"The Trust has recently become aware that this cinema was designed by George Newton Kenworthy, the noted cinema architect who designed many cinemas in the Interwar Period including the Cremorne Orpheum Theatre.

The Trust’s Listing Report and the Movie Theatre Register for NSW prepared for the NSW Heritage Office in 1996 had both indicated that the architect was Douglas Smith, information provided by the owners of the Mudgee Regent Theatre. However, tender documents and Mudgee Guardian Newspaper reports from 1936 clearly confirm that the architect was George Newton Kenworthy.

Of his two surviving cinemas in NSW, the Cremorne Orpheum has been considerably altered whereas the Mudgee Regent Theatre is relatively intact and would be, in the Trust’s view, of State Heritage Significance. "

Read the full letter here.

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